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Dec 8, 2012 9:30pm EST
but it also contributes to climate change. so raising a tax on fossil fuels would be a way to reduce this exposure to climate change and to raise money to fight slavery, for example. >> well, i hadn't thought of that. [laughter] i think that is a good thing. meaning, i'm excited about the fact that there is innovative and interesting ideas in the room. i hope to hear more of them. it is a daring question. you are absolutely right. fossil fuels and modern transportation contribute to the ease in moving people. many of them just move by foot and other things but it also contributes to climate change. i'm not sure what the political implications would be to someone who makes this proposal. i think it would be a challenge for someone to successfully get a tax like that implemented but the idea, the concept of putting a tax or a price premium on something, some commondy as a way to fund human rights effort in general, whatever they might be. that is an interesting idea. how many of us would be willing to add 5%, 3% to the things we buy if we knew it was going into human rights activity to
Dec 9, 2012 12:30am EST
implications will be of somebody who made the proposal. i think it is a challenge for some credit to get a tax and implemented. the idea and the concept of putting a tax or a price premium on a commodity as a way to fund human rights and the general, that is an interesting idea out. how many would be a tourist in adding 5% to reasons to buy it if we're ever going to effective human rights of activity. i would do it to? it is and bold and interesting idea. climate change is the heart at population displacement and disasters. it leads people to a sports fishing, not as trafficking and sliver but all kinds of things. that is an important issue to tackle. i talk about the sudden trauma new balk. i look to see more. >> some would call out the tax slavery as some have said i have a lot of hands so try to keep this succinctly. >> i think he brought great insight. the contemporary problem of slavery. i had a couple of concerns and nuances there a think would be helpful. it does not express the depths and complexity, but i think one of the things asking from your analysis was the slave idea of their ow
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2